Start Your Own Crowdfund—We’ll Help!

jb fund services

How would you like to be able to start projects faster, and take on more projects—while lowering your cost of capital?

Even as experienced flippers, with over 200 projects under our belts, even we still needed to raise capital project by project.

You probably know the drill—lots of time, lots of effort, and lots of delay.

Some deals just don’t happen.

Maybe you can’t get funding for a project outside your lender’s guidelines, or you can’t get all the capital you need quickly enough to get the deal. Or maybe you’re looking to grow, but don’t quite have the capital to take on the projects that will get you there.

JB Fund Services can help

We use our crowdfunding expertise to guide you through the process of setting up your own private investment fund. Formerly available only to hedge funds and private equity firms, owning your own investment fund is now within the reach of anyone—thanks to crowdfunding.

We help you assess whether launching a fund is the right option for your capital needs, and if you decide to go ahead, we can guide you through the steps of setting up and launching the fund.

It won’t require additional staff on your part because JB Fund Services can handle all documentation and compliance. You make the investment decisions, and we carry them out—so you can stay focused on your business.