Investment Funds

JB Fund Services creates innovative investment funds that invest in distressed real estate assets. They offer preferred rates higher than typical vehicles can offer, thanks to our unique DARE business model.


Our founders chose New Jersey to launch their first DARE fund to take full advantage of the distressed New Jersey residential market.

Unlike California or other states with a quick foreclosure process, New Jersey typically takes two to three years to fully foreclose and evict property owners who have failed to keep up with mortgage payments. As a result, New Jersey lags behind the rest of the country, leading to consistently high foreclosure rates.

We expect this distress to create a window of investment opportunity for the next four years, so we are raising up to $3,500,000.


Houston is the 5th-largest MSA in the US, with an estimated 2015 population of 6.7 million. Nearly as large as Dallas, it grew 12.44% from 2010-2015. Noted local economist Mark Dotzour predicts a housing bull market for 5 or more years.

Houston’s medical industry is growing and the city is rebalancing its economy for the future: in the words of Tim Sullivan, managing principal of Meyers Research, “Look at San Diego, which has become a pharma, biotech, tech and education center. Houston has a similar track ahead of it.”

DARE-Houston focuses on homes priced up to the $400,000s, which continue to sell well despite the oil slump. This price range has not been overbuilt by local developers, and DARE-Houston expects a stable supply of projects and a ready market for the properties we invest in. We are raising up to $5,000,000.