Looking for Better Investment Returns?

Are you satisfied with the return you see on stocks, bonds, or mutual funds? If not, JB Fund Services offers an alternative to investing in the picked-over public markets. Ideal investors include individuals, self-directed individual retirement accounts, or other legal entities who are seeking alternatives to traditional investments.

How do we do it?

We Focus on Distressed Properties

Why do we choose to focus on distressed properties?

  • Each restored property strengthens the neighborhood and increases the value of nearby homes.
  • When purchased correctly, distressed properties can create significant appreciation.
  • Our experience flipping 200+ properties has taught us how to manage the risk inherent to this market. For example, we actively oversee each investment we manage, which enables us to increase margin and reduce risk.

Our expertise, our unique 100%-funding capability, and our strong local partnerships enable JB Fund Services to select, fund, and profit from the most promising distressed property projects.

We Built a Better Mouse Trap

Most real estate crowdfunds are limited to a single property, and your profit depends on just one project. Our opportunistic model uses a blind pool to spread risk over multiple properties.

Each property selected for 100% funding meets our stringent profitability guidelines, and our unique risk mitigation service oversees each project to ensure compliance and maximize the opportunity for success.

We Work with Local Pros

JB Fund Services forms strategic relationships with local flippers and HMLs who have existing systems and teams in place. Our large pool of funds ensures that we see the best deals, and funding can be inserted seamlessly into any deal.

We Enhance Returns with Equity Positions

We don’t lend to flippers. Instead, we take an equity position and share in each project’s profit. This offers a number of benefits:

  • An equity-based model improves expected return approximately 33% over debt-based models.
  • Sharing in appreciation allows us to offer 100% financing because we also share some of the risk.
  • Equity-based compensation focuses all parties on timely and profitable project completion.

We Mitigate Risk from End to End

Every business venture faces risks, so JB Fund Services has designed a strong suite of practices to mitigate risks inherent to the industry, improve transparency, and better protect the interests of our investors.

In addition to vetting the flipper and evaluating each property in person, we place multiple controls around the project itself. For example, the rehabber commits in advance to schedule, milestones, and budget—and we hold the rehabber to their commitments.

We also monitor each project in person. If a project falls behind schedule, our local team is already in place, and if justified we can even replace the rehabber without a trip through the courts.