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Bruce is one of the founders of JB Fund Services, and holds real estate investments in several states.

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Fed Raises Rates: Don’t Panic!

The Federal Reserve raised rates for the first time this year, a move that’s been widely expected for some time.  They also signaled that rate increases are likely to continue through 2017, and most observers forecast three more quarter-point hikes by the end of next year. What does it mean? To quote from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to […]

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House Flipping Makes a Comeback as Home Prices Rise: WSJ

The Wall Street Journal reports that house flipping has reached levels not seen since 2007—just before the Global Economic Meltdown. This upswing in popularity has attracted the attention of big banks like Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase, who are now extending lines of credit to lenders that specialize in underwriting flips. Our DARE funds […]

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Mark Cuban: Sticking it to the VC Community?

Mark Cuban, not known for being shy, is looking to stick it to the Silicon Valley Venture Capital community—and he’s looking at Reg A+ for help.  Short for “Regulation A+”, this group of rules issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission makes it much easier to raise as much as $50 million from the general […]

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