9%Preferred Return

12.5%Targeted Return

3-5Year Horizon

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Exclusive Real Estate Investments from JB Fund Services – The Leader in Real Estate Crowdfund Management

JB Fund Services is a leader in creating highly targeted, crowdfunded blind pools for experienced real estate investors. We combine our experience with our partners’ in-depth market intelligence to offer high preferred returns from our proprietary DARE fund models.

Rehabbers: Get 100% Funding for Your Flips

How many more projects could you handle if you didn’t need to bring cash? JB Fund Services has found a way to offer 100% funding to qualified rehabbers, eliminating the need for out-of-pocket expenditures.

Lenders: Underwrite More Loans for Your Best Borrowers

Would you like to write more loans? How many more loans could you write if you could offer 100% financing? Lenders that work with JB Fund Services can grow net new business 20% or more from their most reliable customers. And offering 100% financing can be a competitive advantage over HMLs that don’t partner with a DARE fund.

Investors: DARE to Invest With Us

Investors: JB Fund Services offers several investment options:

  • Invest in DARE-Houston, which offers a 9% preferred return and 12.5% target return for 3-5 years. Exclusively for accredited investors.
  •  Launch your own DARE fund. JB Fund Services is working with investors who are launching private DARE funds, allowing them to focus on growing their flipping or lending businesses.
  • Review our open funds and contact us. We can help you create and manage investment funds for other asset classes, such as notes or income properties. Buy discounted assets in bulk, repackage, resell… you make the decisions, we handle the transactions and compliance.